1481 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC


Open 8am - 3pm

Seven Days a Week


No reservations at this time. 

We promise to do our best to get

you fed quickly.

Please note - due to the size of our restaurant, we are not able to accommodate groups larger than six at one table.

Breakfast table

Take out & DoorDash


now open mondays!

Comfort Foods in a

Comfortable Place


We are industry tested food and drink enthusiasts. With years of experience

we know the greatest value we can provide is through our delightful handmade food and thoughtful service. At Breakfast Table we source the best ingredients this province has to offer because we care about supporting local growers and producers and understand the importance of a sustainable food chain.

We are truly passionate about what we do and believe our food should reflect our values and our memories. So come and join us for a tasty breakfast that will leave you feeling utterly satisfied. Our dishes are vibrant, flavourful and exciting; you won't think twice about coming back for more.

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