Food Menu

Our food comes from the heart. We like to infuse our backgrounds into the dishes we make. Breakfast & brunch dishes with a twist.


* served w/ seasonal veg, potatoes

two eggs, house made peppered bacon or choice of pork or turkey sausage, choice of toast

two eggs, choice of pork or turkey sausage, house made peppered bacon, mini gluten free waffle

two eggs, kimchi, sautéed mushrooms, spinach, green onion, Sweet Ass Chilli Sauce
– sub rice $1
– sub shiitake xo fried rice $2

two eggs, shiitake xo fried rice, seasonal veg

two eggs, nori, sesame seeds, pickled vegetables, house made mayonnaise, Sweet Ass Chilli Sauce

shiitake xo fried rice, avocado, arugula, baby tomato, nori, sesame seeds, crispy onion

poached egg, baked eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini in zesty tomato sauce, monterey jack, wheat berry, basil pesto, arugula, zucchini carrot bread


served on english muffin w/ bearnaise, seasonal veg, potatoes

two poached eggs, smoked mushrooms, burrata, tomato

two poached eggs, coffee bearnaise

two poached eggs, Sweet Ass Chili Sauce, sautéed onions

two poached eggs, house made peppered bacon, tomato, avocado

two poached eggs, avocado, cheddar

two poached eggs, arugula, honey sour plum sauce

two poached eggs, house made back bacon

two poached eggs, arugula, truffle oil


served w/ seasonal veg, potatoes, toast

house made peppered bacon, mushrooms, cheddar

spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomato, cheddar, nori


tomato, lettuce, pineapple, teriyaki sauce, house made mayonnaise, fresh baked sesame organic butter bun, fries or salad

-add cheddar $1

tomato, lettuce, house made mayonnaise, tonkatsu sauce, fresh baked sesame organic butter bun, fries or salad

poached egg, avocado, basil pesto mayonnaise, arugula, baby tomato, sourdough, fries or salad

poached egg, yuzu cream cheese, avocado, capers, arugula, onions, baby tomato, olive oil, balsamic reduction, sourdough, fries or salad

poached egg, monterey jack, prosciutto, baby tomato, arugula, balsamic reduction


greens, honey yuzu ponzu dressing, cucumber, baby tomato, sous vide egg, sweet soy drizzle, apple slices

roasted garlic, anchovy dressing, grana padano, garlic croutons
– add chicken karaage $7.50
– add confit albacore tuna $12
– add one prawn tempura $4.50


whipping cream, maple syrup

organic ground millet, brown rice, coconut milk, coconut whipped cream, maple syrup

ask your server for today’s flavour

house made jam, granola, greek yogurt, banana, fresh berries, pumpkin seeds

assorted seasonal fruits