House Rules

Thank you for thinking of Breakfast Table, we would love to host you! On weekends it can be quite busy. If that is the case, we will take your name and number and text you as soon as we have a table for you. Please have patience, we are working as fast as we can. The extra sanitization required adds a little extra time to table turn over. 

Please, no changing seats, once you're at a table, please don't ask to move to another table. We've already sanitized yours just for you!

If you are picking up an order from Breakfast Table, please line up at the markers outside the store. 

When you ask for your bill please have your payment ready. We are accepting cash but not giving out change, debit is preferred.

Please be kind to the other customers and our team members, we are all doing our best in an extremely challenging time. 

Thank you, we appreciate your support!