Drink Menu

We offer a beautifully curated drink selection to satisfy any craving. Selling locally roasted coffee and blended teas, as well as our own house made beverages and cocktails.


orange pekoe, imperial earl grey, organic peppermint, organic green, vanilla rooibos

using peru dark chocolate

using house made chocolate milk

cold steeped earl grey tea, milk, house made vanilla bean syrup

sweet purple yam syrup, choice of milk


bourbon blend

conca d’oro blend

conco d’oro blend
– oat/soy milk $0.50
– vanilla syrup $0.50

– oat/soy milk $0.50

made with house made chocolate milk

cold steeped black beauty blend

We’re proud to serve Vancouver’s own Milano Coffee.

Zero Proof

fresh strawberry juice, lime juice, ginger beer

house made lemonade, earl grey iced tea

green tea cordial, calamansi, lime, eucalyptus soda

cold steeped, honey syrup, cream

Breakfast Cocktails

dilly twist on a classic – dill infused vodka, fresh horseradish, spices, house made peppered bacon

spicy and fresh – hornitos plata tequila, ginger liqueur, fresh lime and strawberry juice, ginger beer

bright, citrusy, and slightly savoury – toasted sesame infused fino sherry, reposado tequila, aperol, ube, lime, vegan foamer

smooth and cooling – dry gin, white wine, green tea cordial, eucalyptus, calamansi, pastis, mt. fuji bitters

bittersweet, spicy, and invigorating –
5 year rum, campari, chilled espresso, dark chocolate, cinnamon, chipotle

can’t go wrong – sparkling wine, fresh juice (orange, strawberry, grapefruit)

BT Warmers

always served on the side chilled

an ode to buena vista – tullamore dew, cane sugar syrup, coffee, hand whipped cream

lightly fruity, warm, and smooth – pineapple rum blend, browned butter, demerara, maraschino


2019 traditional toasty, yeasty nose with a classic saline finish, like Champagne

2020 sparkling rose. Cavada gamay is consistently elegant with a slightly floral nose and a crushable raspberry finish

Beer / Seltzer

watermelon, pineapple